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Broadband penetration in Europe

Akamai Visualise Internet Traffic

Akamai carries up to 30% of the web’s traffic so when they start talking about data they’re not only dealing in big numbers, but also significant percentages of the internet’s users. They’ve made public a lot of their data and they’ve done so in a pretty visual and engaging fashion. For example, here’s broadband penetration […]

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How Secure Is Your Twitter Account?

Yesterday AP’s Twitter account hack led to US stock markets losing billions of dollars before recovering. So how secure is your Twitter password? How secure are your other social media accounts? What apps have access to them? Do you know? Do you recognise all of them? And for fun you can try out this “tool” […]

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Flipboard Gets A Makeover

A few days ago Flipboard released a major update. Now any Flipboard user can create their own “magazine” and populate it with content. They’ve also announced a new partnership with Etsy, which allows users to explore products and even buy them directly from within the app. Personally I’m addicted to Flipboard and use it every […]

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Twitter Face Palm Moments

Big brands use Twitter and other social media outlets to engage and promote their products and services. While some might do a better job than others some of the bigger brands have had “face palm” moments over the last year or so. Some very big brands have had major issues on Twitter and this graphic […]

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Deezer Launch Affiliate API

Music streaming service Deezer are launching an API for developers, but with an added twist. Developers will not only be able to integrate their apps with Deezer, but they’ll also get paid for referrals they generate. Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez said: “Music streaming isn’t about giving people access to soulless databases of songs – we […]

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