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Uber Comes To Dublin

Uber has finally launched in Dublin. At the moment the company is still testing, so the number of cars and drivers available is limited. Unlike Hailo, which we’ve mentioned in the past, Uber is more upmarket and is aimed more at business users who want a luxury ride (though the company has introduced lower cost […]

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MacHeist nanoBundle 4

If you’re a Mac user then you might have come across MacHeist in the past. To recap. MacHeist offer bundles of Mac software with huge discounts. What makes them a little more interesting, however, is that they donate a percentage of the sales to charity and according to their latest email they’ve raised over 2 […]

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Computer Code In Movies & TV Shows

Films and TV shows often feature computers. Some of the computers display code on the screen, but is the code real? What would the code actually do? Well some people have gone to the trouble of checking it out in detail and, of course, there’s a blog dedicated to collecting it  You’ll find screenshots and […]

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Vine Web Profiles Now Live

Twitter has launched “Vine on the Web”, which means that if you reserved your custom URL / profile it’s now live. The profile page of a user is quite similar to what we’re used to seeing with Twitter, in fact, most of the experience is similar. However there are differences. For example, while you can […]

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Scanner Pro for iPhone / iPad Free This Week

While Apple’s “12 Days of Gifts” app has been nice, though quite mixed, some of the best deals on iPhone apps are available from the developers themselves. Several people have been sharing links to Scanner Pro, which is currently free. What is it? It basically turns your iOS device into a portable scanner. You can […]

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Google AI Figures Things Out For Itself

Google’s image recognition “deep learning” systems have evolved to the point where the engineers working on them no longer understand how they are “thinking”. At the Machine Learning Conference in San Francisco last week, Google Engineer Quoc V Le revealed that the company’s image recognition cluster has learned how to identify items which the programmers don’t […]

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