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Cooking with Patrick [Podcast #26]

Patrick Ruddell - Founder & Editor in Chief of ScienceFiction.comThis week’s guest is Patrick Ruddell, a domainer, and the owner of  With a background in real estate, he became interested in domains as an investment career when the property slowdown hit in the US.  But he’s quick to point out that the real-estate analogy for web domains is over-used and not very accurate.

When Patrick bought for $175,000 it was just an affiliate marketing page with almost no traffic.   He and his wife have developed it into a content-rich site serving the science fiction fan community.

Also this week we discussed the newly launched Google Drive: there’s a lot of talk about it – but has anyone used it yet?  Also Larry and Sergei want to mine asteroids.  And something about a cloud in the shape of Ireland? is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Get 30-days free on Blacknight’s GoMobi mobile site builder!  Also: they’re hiring!

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