Historic Referendum Moves the Needle on Social Media

The #VoteYes hashtag is currently trending globally on Twitter. It’s the number one trend in Ireland, together with #hometovote, which has seen thousands of emigrants tweet about the fact that they are making a long weekend of it – peaking at 110 tweets per minute at 9:30 this morning.

Twitter Dublin is promoting the #IVoted and #MarRef hashtags, and Facebook is also encouraging users to share the fact they are voting.

Facebook is counting "I'm Voting" statuses

If the referendum was decided on the basis of social media activity, it would appear to be a landslide for the Yes side. However, analysts are warning of a ‘shy no vote’, which could defy the polls.

So are No voters under-represented on social media? Or is the social media support for Yes a true reflection of the electorate?

We’ll find out soon!

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