IKEA Enters Smart Lighting Market With Aggressively Priced Offering

IKEA are entering the smart lighting market with a very aggressively priced offering. The new range of smart lighting from IKEA will go on sale this month at IKEA shops around the globe and could give some of the existing companies in the space serious competition.

The new range of products uses the zigbee protocol for connections and while the API is currently not “open” it could be in the future according to an FAQ on the IKEA Ireland site.

The starter gateway kit is €79, which is comparable in price to some other brands, but the various add-ons and expansion bits from IKEA appear to be quite a bit cheaper than their competitors.

Here’s the full price list:

FLOALT LED lgpnl w wrl cntrl 30×30 di/wh spct CCT €    70.00
FLOALT LED lgpnl w wrl cntrl 30×90 di/wh spct CCT €  130.00
FLOALT LED lgpnl w wrl cntrl 60×60 di/wh spct CCT €  130.00
TRÅDFRI dimming kit warm white black €    19.00
TRÅDFRI dimming kit warm white white €    19.00
TRÅDFRI dimming kit warm white yellow €    19.00
TRÅDFRI dimming kit white spectrum grey/white CCT €    35.00
TRÅDFRI gateway white GB €    32.00
TRÅDFRI gway kit white spectrum/white CCT GB €    79.00
TRÅDFRI LED bulb E27 1000lm wrl dim wm wh/gl op €    10.00
TRÅDFRI LED E14 400lm wrl di/wh spct op CCT €    15.00
TRÅDFRI LED E27 950lm wrl di/wh spct cl CCT €    17.00
TRÅDFRI LED E27 980lm wrl di/wh spct op CCT €    17.00
TRÅDFRI LED GU10 400lm wrl di/wh spct CCT €    15.00
TRÅDFRI mtn snsr kit white €    29.00
TRÅDFRI remote control €    17.00

It looks like all of the various products are in stock in IKEA Dublin.


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