Martha Rotter and Stewart Curry from Idea Magazine [Tech Heroes Podcast #2]

Stewart Curry, Niall Kitson & Martha Rotter of Idea Magazine

Stewart Curry, Niall Kitson & Martha Rotter of Idea Magazine

Idea Magazine is the freshest thing in Irish publishing, serving the tech and startup community in Ireland and lovingly designed for your tablet, phone or PC by the team at (Write Only Once; Publish It Everywhere!)

Martha Rotter and Stewart Curry join Michele and Conn for this week’s Tech Heroes chat, to discuss Developer Evangelism, Digital Media and the state of Irish startups.

We talk about the Silicon Valley route to tech success and the fact that there’s a lot more cool stuff happening in Ireland which doesn’t make those kind of headlines.  Issue 1 of Idea shines a spotlight on some of that everyday enterprise says Martha.

Stewart explains how Idea takes advantage of the particular features of whatever digital device you choose to read it on, and they talk about the digital publishing expertise they’ve developed along the way.

Issue 2 of Idea (“the money issue”) is out on February 15th.

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