Samsung ‘building devices to last’ as it launches new flagship phones

Samsung’s new flagship smartphones have been made with “more considered” phone users in mind – as people keep hold of their devices for longer amid rising costs – the tech firm’s new UK boss has said.

James Kitto said Samsung was “acutely aware” of the current economic climate and, as a result, the company is aiming to give people “more for their money” with its flagship Galaxy S23 Series line-up, which was announced last week and will go on sale later this month.

The new phones all include substantially updated camera systems, as well as a powerful new processor to better support mobile gaming.

All the devices have been made using more recycled materials than before – part of a range of updates Mr Kitto said amounted to “more a revolution than evolution” as the company battles for smartphone market supremacy with rivals Apple and its iPhone.

The flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra device includes a 200-megapixel camera and improved low-light photography capabilities which Mr Kitto said had produced the “brightest and clearest photography in low-light that we’ve ever achieved”.

Camera quality has become a key aspect of smartphone technology, with research showing that many users base their purchase decision of a premium phone on the power of its camera – an area both Samsung and Apple have increasingly focused on in recent years as users place more emphasis on capturing content to be posted to social media.

The starting price to buy each of Samsung’s three devices outright has risen compared with the S22 series released last year, but the UK and Ireland vice president for the tech giant’s mobile division said its own research showed demand for premium phones continued to grow, despite the rising cost of living.

“The most fascinating trend we’re seeing in the market right now is that demand for premium smartphones continues to grow,” he told the PA news agency.

“This tells us that more and more, people are placing greater value on the power of the smartphone in their pocket and are unwilling to compromise on quality or user experience.

“We’re acutely aware of the current economic climate – so we’ve made it our mission to give people more for their money.

“One area we’ve done this is in terms of storage. We know that a lot of people max out their phone memory and that, above all else, it’s photos and videos – those priceless memories – that people hold most dear and can’t bring themselves to delete.

“In fact, new research we conducted found that people are more likely to throw out physical possessions like family heirlooms or childhood teddies than trim their photo galleries. We’ve answered that by doubling the default smallest storage size on every model in the Galaxy S23 series.”

Mr Kitto added that the trend was for smartphone users to keep hold of their devices for longer and as a result, Samsung was aiming to build phones which lasted for longer both technologically and physically.

“One factor that has really shaped our design process has been meeting the expectations of today’s more considered customers. People are spending longer deciding on big purchases like phones – and they’re holding on to their tech for longer – typically about three years.

“In fact, the proportion of people using the same smartphone for more than four years is growing.

“From incorporating tougher materials to supporting with software and security updates for five years, with S23 series we’re focused on making products that are built to last so that customers have the final say on when it’s time for them to upgrade.”

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