Sick Of Politics? Remove Them From Your Streams Easily

If you’re active on Twitter or Facebook (or both) then your streams probably fill up with a lot of talk of politics – especially when there’s an election going on..

At the moment the big one is obviously the US Presidential Election, but there’s plenty of others..

So what do you do if you’re not that interested in having politics in your social media streams? The solution appears to be an extension for the Chrome browser – unpolitic.me

You can grab it on the Chrome store here.

Once installed you’re offered some configuration options, which include both keywords to check and block as well as your preferred replacement:

As you can see the keywords are very US oriented, but it would be quite easy to add in some Irish specific ones eg. the names of political parties, politicians etc.

You can also choose what the politics is replaced with. By default you’ll get images from Instagram tagged with the keyword “cats”, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a different source with different keywords

The same guys behind this plugin already produced one to remove babies from social feeds called, aptly enough, unbaby.me!



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