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Stand or Sit at Work with Varidesk [Product Review Video]

Varidesk, Dual MonitorWe try to exercise, but the fact is that many of us spend a long working day in a constant sitting position, and that brings health problems of its own. The way the body deals with sugars and fats when sitting down has been linked to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, and with some people now sitting for 12 hours a day, whether at work, watching TV or in a car, we are the most sedentary humans in history.

Standing desks are a good idea – but they’re not always practical. There are times when it makes good sense to sit down, and having two desks is not an option for most of us.

The Varidesk, is a clever solution, and a real practical alternative to a sedentary workday.  It sits on top of your existing desk, and provides a fully adjustable workstation, at a range of heights from seated to fully standing. Adjusting from one to the other is a matter of seconds.

I’ve been testing it for two weeks, and you can see my video review below. In practice I’ve tended to keep it in a standing position as I alternate between my main desk and a separate workstation used for video editing. My verdict? I love this product. Being able to stand up is a real comfort, better for my back and my restless legs.

Varidesk is available in two sizes: the single monitor version I tried and a dual monitor version.  Probably the best feature is the price. Being an accessory to a standard desk, it’s considerably cheaper than a “stand-alone” standing desk (pun intended!).  Prices start at £229 sterling ex VAT for the single-monitor version. Customers in Ireland can order from


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  1. David Jackson May 12, 2015 at 11:11 pm #

    Thanks for the advise, after 6 months of back pain after 10 years of sitting on my ass I got myself a Varidesk. Problems solved!

    Wrote a blog post about it here if anyone is interested:

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