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Google Launch Treasure Map Mode For Google Maps

As part of Google’s rather elaborate suite of April Fool’s jokes they’ve unveiled a “Treasure Map” mode for Google Maps. [youtube]http://youtu.be/_qFFHC0eIUc[/youtube] Here’s O’Connell Street in Dublin using Treasure Map mode: And if you switch to street view you get this kind of sepia tone effect: You can view pretty much everywhere using the “treasure map” […]

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Youtube Shutting Down

Well no, it isn’t really, but seems that their April Fool joke is this hilarious video featuring lots of Youtubers: [youtube]http://youtu.be/GuCMQGgTPU4[/youtube] Of course Youtube is owned by Google who have an annoying tendency of shutting down services that people use, so maybe the joke is really on us?

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