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Interior of St Patrick's Cathedral, on Google Streetview

Google Releases New Off-Road Streetviews from Irish Landmarks

Google Street View has just released a new collection of imagery from parks, castles and historic sites from across the country. A wide range of iconic locations can now be accessed right from your phone, tablet or computer including Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin’s oldest medieval cathedral; Co. Clare’s Ennis Friary founded by the Franciscans in the […]

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Google Streetview’s Off-Road Trekker Could Boost Tourism

Google maps continues to develop, and Streetview is parking the car and going off-road with a backpack. The New York Times accompanied a Google team recently on their tour of New York’s Liberty Island. The results should be online within months, and will also include Ellis Island. Meanwhile, Google is offering to lend the backpack kit, called the Trekker, to […]

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Explore Santa’s Journey With Google

If you land on Google’s homepage today (which you probably have already) then you might have noticed a subtle text link to “follow Santa’s journey”. Google has created a very engaging and quite immersive “experience” which allows you to not only track Santa’s progress in real time, but you can also explore his world. Kids […]

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Grumpy in Havana [Podcast #67]

Michele is back from his Cuban vacation and joins Conn for this week’s podcast.  It’s the most offline he’s been in years!  In fact, it’s the first time he’s ever set up an email auto-reply! Conn tests the Pirate Browser.  It works. Google filing says Gmail users have no expectation of privacy. Google Maps’ latest […]

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Google Launch Treasure Map Mode For Google Maps

As part of Google’s rather elaborate suite of April Fool’s jokes they’ve unveiled a “Treasure Map” mode for Google Maps. [youtube]http://youtu.be/_qFFHC0eIUc[/youtube] Here’s O’Connell Street in Dublin using Treasure Map mode: And if you switch to street view you get this kind of sepia tone effect: You can view pretty much everywhere using the “treasure map” […]

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Apple Boss Apologises For IOS6 Maps

Apple are one of those companies that made its name by telling us what we wanted. Not the other way around. With the release of iOS6 Apple removed the Google Maps application and replaced it with their own solution. Unfortunately, as thousands of iPhone users found out, the new Apple solution caused more problems than […]

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Hand Waving and Bluster [Podcast #23]

Recently the victim of a burglary, Michele puts a brave face on things as he Skypes Conn this week from an aged laptop.  We discuss April Fool tech gags, including Google Maps with 8-bit graphics and get nostalgic for simpler times.  Nowadays we’ve got hundreds of times more computing power in our pockets.  What would […]

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Eiffel Tower 8 bit Google Maps version

Google Maps Goes Retro For April Fool’s Day

Love them or hate them, Google does some pretty cool things. For April Fool’s Day they’ve enabled an 8-bit retro version of Google Maps. It’s pretty cool if, like me, you’re old enough to remember the days when 8-bit graphics were the norm. If you’re bored you can check out some of the monuments that […]

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