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Trustev CEO, Pat Phelan. Image credit: Neil Danton.

Trustev Acquired by US Company, Plans to Continue to Grow its Team in Cork

Trustev, the fraud-busting Cork startup founded by Pat Phelan and Chris Kennedy has been acquired by one of its investors, TransUnion, a US based company specialising in credit reporting. The companies have partnered in providing joint solutions to prevent fraud, and this morning they reported that TransUnion had agreed to buy Trustev for $21m, plus […]

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Researchers Build a 3D Cloaking Device [Video]

Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York have built a cloaking device using simple lenses; one that works from a range of viewpoints to bend light around an object and make it appear invisible. Simple cloaking with lenses or mirrors is pretty straightforward, but it generally depends on the viewer remaining in a particular […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Kelly Hoey on Going Beyond "Check-the-Box" Diversity [Video]

Kelly Hoey on Going Beyond “Check-the-Box” Diversity [Video]

Kelly Hoey is an angel investor and startup mentor based in New York. “Networks and relationships have just fueled what I’ve done”, she says, describing her background as an attorney and the path which took her into running a global network for businesswomen, launching a startup accelerator, and becoming CMO with Cuurio, a startup which helps brands to connect with innovative startups. In […]

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Freakonomics on Regulating the Sharing Economy

We recently had Steve DelBianco of Netchoice on our podcast, to talk about the regulatory and legislative challenges facing disruptive “sharing” innovators, specifically Lyft and Uber and the proposed California legislation regarding insurance. This week’s Freakonomics podcast and radio show has a very good piece on the issue in general. Uber and Lyft are mentioned and there are interviews with the […]

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Google Streetview’s Off-Road Trekker Could Boost Tourism

Google maps continues to develop, and Streetview is parking the car and going off-road with a backpack. The New York Times accompanied a Google team recently on their tour of New York’s Liberty Island. The results should be online within months, and will also include Ellis Island. Meanwhile, Google is offering to lend the backpack kit, called the Trekker, to […]

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Chris Byrne on integrating SMS, Email and Social Marketing [Audio]

Chris Byrne is Conn’s guest on today’s podcast (23:48, 14MB, MP3). Chris runs Sensorpro, which provides marketing automation services such as email newsletters and surveys.  He’s just back from the National Retail Federation Annual Convention and Expo in New York where speakers included Jack Dorsey and George W Bush. While at NRF, Sensorpro announced the addition […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available via Three later this month and they’ve put out a video showing the unboxing, which shows off some of the phone’s features. Three Ireland are offering a number of plans with the S4 that include plenty of data, so that you don’t have to worry about how much […]

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Delorean taxi NYC

Delorean “Taxi”

I’d love to be able to get into one of these, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately though you won’t be able to grab a DeLorean taxi in New York, or anywhere, just yet. The NYC taxi / DeLorean is just part of a clever marketing campaign from Mike Lubrano to promote Nooka.. Pity 🙁  

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Keep Warm And Charge Your Gadgets

The Biolite Campstove is a very cool piece of tech. It’s a combination of a stove that you can use for heat AND a charger for your USB gadgets – such as iPhones. And it’s not “pie in the sky” – this is an actual real working device – they were using them in New […]

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Natural Disaster? Silly Photos To The Rescue

With hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc along the eastern seaboard of the United States both traditional and social media has been swamped with coverage of the situation in New York and other cities. While nobody is making “light” of the seriousness of the situation it’s 2012, so, naturally, there’s been a LOT of funny and fake […]

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