Chris Byrne on integrating SMS, Email and Social Marketing [Audio]

Chris Byrne, CEO Sensorpro, at NRF in New YorkChris Byrne is Conn’s guest on today’s podcast (23:48, 14MB, MP3). Chris runs Sensorpro, which provides marketing automation services such as email newsletters and surveys.  He’s just back from the National Retail Federation Annual Convention and Expo in New York where speakers included Jack Dorsey and George W Bush.

While at NRF, Sensorpro announced the addition of SMS services as part of their integrated package. We discuss the relative benefits of SMS and email. Chris explains that context is everything in direct marketing. “With SMS, if you don’t  do it correctly, you could actually turn that person away.”

We discuss Social Media – and Ryanair’s extraordinary conversion to listening to their customers! And we talk about fake followers.

We talked about Gmail’s new policy of caching images: Chris explains that Sensorpro continues to provide accurate information on email opens – as well as repeat opens. And he also addresses fears which had been raised by some email marketers that the new Gmail Tabs would reduce open rates:

Using statistical significance testing, we reported no significant difference in the GMAIL open rates. What we did find, however, was that our GMAIL open rates were significantly higher than some of our competitors who had reported a drop is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.

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