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Chilling Effects 2012 Report Shows Significant Increase In Takedown Requests

Wendy Seltzer gives a fascinating, albeit quick, overview of 2012 from the Chilling Effects perspective. Chilling Effects aggregates takedown notices from copyright holders under the US DMCA as well as other laws in other jurisdictions. The numbers for 2012 are staggering. Over 53 million takedowns versus three million in 2011! The talk is just over […]

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US Deems Phone Unlocking Illegal

The US introduced the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) back in 1998. From time to time the US revises it .. The latest set of revisions, as reported by Digital Trends, are a little .. well .. “odd” would be too polite a word, so let’s go with “crazy”. Under the new provisions in the […]

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