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You Have the Right to Be Forgotten: European Court Rules against Google

European citizens have the right to be forgotten, according to the Court of Justice of the European Union which ruled today that search engines must remove links relating to individuals, under certain circumstances, if requested to do so by the individuals themselves. The case centres on the definition of a search engine’s role under EU data privacy law.  Google had […]

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Australian Court Finds Google Guilty Of Defamation

Google is having a bad week. Rumours are flying around at the moment that the search giant might fall foul of an FTC ruling stateside. Meanwhile down under an Australian court has found the search giant guilty of defamation. In what has been described as a “landmark ruling” the Victoria Supreme Court found that the […]

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What Do You Want To Know About XXX?

This week we’re delighted to have ICM Registry‘s Patrick Donaldson as our special guest. ICM are the guys behind .xxx and Patrick is their “Registrar Liaison” so he spends a lot of his time talking to domain registrars about how they can sell .xxx domain names. ICM just launched search.xxx which is a search engine […]

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Googling for "askew"

Google Easter Eggs

Google may be a big company with a huge turnover and thousands of staff worldwide, but the company still has a sense of humour. From time to time they insert little “Easter eggs” into the search engine or do something quite playful. Remember the 1980’s style low resolutions graphics on Google Maps a couple of […]

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