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Dr Joseph Roche

Mars One – Why Ireland Should be Proud of Joseph Roche

I’ve written about Mars One before. In principle it’s a reasonable idea. Sensationalist headlines have focused on the one-way, lifetime commitment required of the participants but, under the right circumstances, it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable sacrifice in order to make history. That’s probably what Dr Joseph Roche was thinking when he signed up. A serious scientist, Joseph was in it for […]

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A One-Way Ticket Out of This World – Are the Mars One 100 Out of Their Minds?

One of the topics in our house this weekend was the possibility of interstellar travel using generation ships, among other things (it’s that kind of house). We had watched a documentary about the planets discovered by the Kepler mission, which prompted the question: how would you even get there? My eldest was horrified at the prospect of a […]

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