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Video thumbnail for youtube video Is Facebook Ad Revenue built on Fake Likes?

Is Facebook Ad Revenue built on Fake Likes?

Antonie Geerts pointed me to this video last night which makes an astonishing, but not very surprising, assertion about Facebook advertising. We already know that buying fake likes is counterproductive, because Facebook’s algorithm penalises pages and users who have a lot of likes from followers who do not engage with them. Veritasium’s Derek Muller gives an overview of […]

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Chart of CAI Twitter followers by country. Source: Fanpage Karma

Buyer Beware: The Consumers’ Association and Fake Followers [Audio]

As reported in The Sunday Times yesterday, the Consumers’ Association of Ireland has more Twitter followers in Brazil than in Ireland, having jumped from about 300 followers to 3663 in a matter of hours last Monday. Blogger Paul Duggan examined their Twitter followers using Twitteraudit: A whopping 1707 of The CAI’s twitter followers speak Spanish, […]

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