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Apple Watch Widens the Class Gap for Trendy Tech

So the Apple Watch has arrived, and with it a new class distinction in technology. Traditionally, owning an Apple product has been something of a status symbol, marking the owner as a person of discernment, taste and means. Now you can really show off your means with the Watch Edition in Apple-patented 18-karat gold costing up to $17,000! While that […]

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Christmas gadgets evolution 1984, 2004, 2014

The Evolution of Christmas Presents

The guys over at Carphone Warehouse have produced a really interesting graphic that charts the evolution of popular Christmas presents over the past 30 years. How old were you in 1984? What did you want for Christmas? How old were you in 2004? Did you want Nintendo DS? What would you like this year? Are […]

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The Bike Lock You’ll Never Lose [Video]

Bicycles are cool – and getting cooler! Here’s a prototype electrically assisted bike with some cool features including a removable handlebars which doubles as a lock. It’s one of five finalists in the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. The winner will go into production for sale in 2015.   Related articles This sleek electric bike features […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mr Postman - You've Got Mail!

Woof – You’ve Got Mail!

Mr Postman is a solar powered, wi-fi enabled mailbox that gives you the ability to manage your mail remotely. You can lock or unlock the box depending on the delivery schedule, and it notifies you when mail has been delivered. Its inventors have launched a Kickstarter campaign and in this video they explain how it […]

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