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Counter Crop Eliminates Food Miles by Growing in your Kitchen

New on Kickstarter is CounterCrop, a garden on your countertop developed by Intelligent Light Source (ILS), a San Diego start-up. ILS’s advanced LED lighting products are currently installed at MIT’s CityFarm project to study sustainable indoor agriculture at scale. The company claims that growing indoors uses 70-90% less water, saves energy, and provides a viable solution […]

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The Bike Lock You’ll Never Lose [Video]

Bicycles are cool – and getting cooler! Here’s a prototype electrically assisted bike with some cool features including a removable handlebars which doubles as a lock. It’s one of five finalists in the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. The winner will go into production for sale in 2015.   Related articles This sleek electric bike features […]

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Radar Device For Cyclists is like Eyes in the Back of Your Head [Podcast]

Being hit from behind is the single biggest cause of cycling deaths in the US. It’s a global problem, as the founders of Backtracker discovered when they met a man in their native Stellenbosch, South Africa, who chose to cycle in the face of oncoming traffic, rather than take the risk of being hit unawares from behind. The solution they came up […]

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