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Video thumbnail for youtube video Apple's Vision According to Tim Cook

Apple’s Vision According to Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook provides the voice to a new video from Apple that comes with the simple title “Better”. The video talks about Apple’s environmental credentials and how they’re working on improving them, but it’s also pretty clear that Apple’s “better” refers to its products as well. Here’s the video: http://youtu.be/EdeVaT-zZt4  

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MacHeist nanoBundle 4

If you’re a Mac user then you might have come across MacHeist in the past. To recap. MacHeist offer bundles of Mac software with huge discounts. What makes them a little more interesting, however, is that they donate a percentage of the sales to charity and according to their latest email they’ve raised over 2 […]

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Apple Store Offline

The Apple online store is currently offline. With Apple due to make an announcement later today this is to be expected, though you’d have to wonder if any other company could take their shop offline and get away with it .. In the case of Apple taking it offline means people will come back later […]

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Krystian Kozerawski

Talking OSX Mountain Lion With Krystian Kozerawski

We’ll be recording this week’s technology.ie podcast tomorrow evening. With the release of Apple’s latest version of OSX – Mountain Lion, who better to have on the show than one of the leading Mac bloggers in Europe? Krystian Kozerawski aka Mackozer is a man of many talents. He’s one of Poland’s foremost Mac bloggers and […]

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