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Irish Water Targetted In Email Phishing Scam

Irish Water has been targetted in an email phishing scam sent to Irish internet users this morning. The email, in common with most phishing scams, uses elements from the Irish Water corporate branding, but is rather badly worded: If you click on the hyperlink in the email you will end up at what appears to […]

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Why Ireland is the Third ‘Most Affected’ by ‘Groundbreaking’ Regin Malware

Ireland has hit the Information Security headlines after it was revealed that it is the third most affected country, representing 9% of all cases, of a new backdoor malware discovered by Symantec, which they describe as “groundbreaking and almost peerless“. They’ve named it Backdoor.Regin. Regin is an extremely complex piece of software that can be customized with a […]

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A Modest Proposal [Podcast #36]

This week’s show is all about media manipulation.  Michele is reading Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, which explains how media works in our social, mobile age – and how you can use that understanding to manipulate it.  We consider the downfall of Digg, once the darling of Web 2.0, whose investors […]

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Technology.IE Podcast #6: Help Mary

Brought to you by Blacknight, it’s The Technology.ie Podcast, Episode 6, with Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Michele Neylon.  Gene Murphy of Redeem&Get joins us to talk about the Dublin Web Summit and his company’s success winning the ESB Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Award. Michele joins us from Vienna where he’s attending a meeting of RIPE and […]

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