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Google Nuked 350 Million Ads in 2013

Google is essentially an advertising company. Advertising revenue drives most of the company’s activities, but its policies around advertisers has led to them getting into “hot water” in the past. Why? Because “bad actors” try to abuse Google Adwords to promote counterfeit goods, scams and a range of other illegal or misleading activities. As part […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Blackmail

Google Blackmail

So Google+ may not be the most popular social network. How can Google fix this? This hilarious spoof video from the guys at CollegeHumor explains Google’s new strategy – exposing all the data you’ve given them over the last few years. Enjoy!  

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Statcounter OS statistics August '12 to August '13

Google Analytics To Drop Support For IE8

Google have announced that they’re dropping support for IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) at the end of the year. We decided to do this to both accelerate the pace at which we can innovate new product features, and to facilitate adoption of newer web technologies in the design of the Google Analytics product. Our ultimate goal […]

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Google celebrates Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy Claire de Lune Google Doodle

Google’s “doodle” for today celebrates French composer Claude Debussy and his work “Claire de lune”:   Apparently today is the 151st anniversary of the  composer’s birth. The animation and music lasts for over 2 minutes and is quite captivating. Did you stop to watch it on the Google home page?   Related articles Google Doodle […]

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Google Gets Fined For Street View Privacy Screwup

Google will have to pay a $7 million fine in the US. The fine stems from Google’s “Street View” vehicles sucking up too much data. While photographing streets and buildings the “street view” vehicles also collected a LOT of other data, including accessing unsecured wireless networks and collecting hundreds of gigabytes of personal data. Full […]

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