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Americans Watch Hurling For The First Time [Video]

“They have short shorts. I kinda like ’em” Cute babies, funny cats and exposure to new cultures – these are the rich sources of entertaining web content these days. We think it’s all great! The culture clash is an obvious angle for Irish viral video company Creative Nation, producers of ‘Irish People Taste American Snacks‘. Now see ‘Americans Watch Hurling For […]

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Nobody Puts Charlie in the Corner

I love Dirty Dancing. Cut out all the music and dancing and it doesn’t work as a movie. Cut everything else out and you’ve pared it down to its elements. On a basic, primal level it’s all about the moves, the body language, the awkward kid carrying a watermelon, transformed into the graceful and beautiful dancer in the […]

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Boxing Kangaroos Brawl in the Street [Video]

Male kangaroos often ‘box’, fighting for dominance and mating privileges. But these two have taken their disagreement into the street in this Australian video which is racking up thousands of views online. Interesting fact: kangaroos eat virtually the same diet as cows, yet they produce virtually no methane. Agriculture accounts for about 18% of the global […]

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Gangnam Style Broke 2 Billion Views

While most videos uploaded to Youtube and other video sharing sites get little or no views, ones that go “viral” can clock up millions of views. However in the case of Gangnam Style the viewing numbers are off the charts – literally. The official video broke the 2 billion views mark a few days ago […]

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Viral Videos spark a Wedding Day Trend

The latest must have wedding accessory? A viral video. We’ve seen the Lord of the Dance and the Fiddler on the Roof.  Now the trend of 2014 may be a video produced to be shown at the wedding itself and later shared with those who weren’t there. Published on Sunday, the video featuring RTÉ’s soccer analysis panel […]

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YouTube Rewind 2013

What does 2013 say?  Not much of substance, apparently, but it looks like fun! YouTube have brought together the stars of their biggest hits of 2013 into a manic mashup. [youtube]http://youtu.be/H7jtC8vjXw8[/youtube] It’s funny, but YouTube is increasingly looking like some kind of TV network.  Maybe it’s THE TV network!   Related articles YouTube Partners ‘On […]

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