Couple using hi-call bluetooth gloves with builtin phone headset

Talk To The Hand Gets Literal

Some gadgets are just plain fun.

One of the latest ones I’ve come across are these:

Hi-call bluetooth gloves in various colours

They’re gloves, sure, but with an interestingly geeky twist. They’re also bluetooth enabled. They double as a bluetooth headset for your mobile phone:

Couple using hi-call bluetooth gloves with builtin phone headset

What about the technical specs?

  •  Bluetooth handset built into the left glove
  • Conductive-fiber allows smartphone operation
  • Operating range: 12 metres
  • Battery life: standby 10 days – conversation 20 hours (so probably more than you’ll get out of your iPhone)
  • Sizes:Men’s and Women’s sizes
  • Colours:Black and Grey
  • Composition: 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3% cotton, 2% polyester
  • Charges over micro-usb
  • Tested and works with iOS, Android, Windowsphone, Blackberry
  • Dry-clean only (no surprise there!)

They’re made by an Italian company called Hi-Fun who have named the gadget the Hi-Call.
You can get them directly from the maker for about 50 euro

You can see them in action in this short video:



Would you want them?


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