Dot-Bubble [Podcast #24]

A bubble.

A bubble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instagram is worth €1bn?  What?!  In a rare moment of unity, both Conn and Michele are in agreement.  Watch out!  It’s a big fat tech bubble and it’s gonna blow!

Google Plus gets a new look!  Social Media Awards longlists are out – and they’re long!

Check out Memolane.  It builds a timeline of your aggregated social media activity going back years.  It’s actually much cooler than it sounds!

We salute Red Hat.  Some questioned whether you could build a business on free software?  13 years after their IPO, they’re turning over €1bn.

ICANN screw up on the deadline for new gTLD applications – not good enough, says Michele.  Meanwhile ICM Registry (who brought you .XXX) announce plans for .sex, .adult and – in case you were in any doubt – .porn.

Finally, you thought you were safe from malware in Mac-land?  So did the 600,000 Mac users whose machines were compromised in a botnet thanks to the Flashback Trojan.  Detection tools are available from F-Secure, among others.

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16 Responses to Dot-Bubble [Podcast #24]

  1. Conn April 16, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    I guess we were both right, Michele, about Adobe availability on Mac. Adobe Premiere video editor has always been available on Mac – but what I had in mind was the audio editor: Adobe Audition, which is only recently available on Mac http://mashable.com/2010/11/09/adobe-audition-mac/

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