Technology.IE Podcast #6: Help Mary

Brought to you by Blacknight, it’s The Podcast, Episode 6, with Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Michele Neylon.  Gene Murphy of Redeem&Get joins us to talk about the Dublin Web Summit and his company’s success winning the ESB Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Award.

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Michele joins us from Vienna where he’s attending a meeting of RIPE and giving a talk on malware and how web hosting companies should deal with it.  We also talk about the rise in .IE domain registrations.

Back at home Blacknight were among the sponsors of  24theweb, which gathered web professionals for a web development marathon in Dublin over the weekend to develop websites for 3 charities.

The big story in Irish technology this week was The Dublin Web Summit.  Neither Michele nor I was able to attend, but Gene Murphy was, and it was well worth his while.  His startup company, Redeem&Get, won the ESB Electric Ireland Spark of Genius Award with a business support package worth €40,000 along with an investment of €100,000 from ACT Venture Capital.  Redeem&Get provides online tools to help merchants manage their daily deals offers and #helpmary.

The coverage of the Dublin Web Summit has been universally positive, and so has been the reaction to F.ounders the exclusive conference for international tech company founders which followed it.  Coming on the heels of a €10m investment announcement by Minister Richard Bruton to attract international entrepreneurs, the exclusive group were wined, dined and charmed over two days in Dublin.  Gene got a front row seat at that event also and he says the experience has been invaluable.

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One Response to Technology.IE Podcast #6: Help Mary

  1. Aido November 2, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Lads I have to say really really well done!! I gave up on podcasts a while back, but this morning while on the 29a I listened to your first episode and I am hooked. No more radio stuck in traffic!

    You present a perfect example of what should be on the airwaves.

    Keep on trucking!

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