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Barry Shein (headshot)

What Should We Ask The President Of The World?

We love getting interesting guests on the show. This week’s no different. We’ll be talking to the President of the World – Barry Shein. Barry’s been involved in technology since before there was an Internet .. and he’s also the founder of the first commercial dial-up ISP on the planet. Here’s a quick snippet from […]

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Ryanair Takes Website Offline

When I first read this story earlier during the week I thought it was a joke, but apparently it’s not.. Ryanair is shutting down their website from tonight at 2200 until 2200 tomorrow night. Nobody will be able to book flights for a 24 hour period – the “shop” will be offline Here’s their official […]

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Game Of Thrones Via Floppy

So there *is* something useful that you can do with floppy disk drives! Here you have it – the Game of Thrones theme music as played by 8 floppy disk drives: [youtube][/youtube] And if you thought that wasn’t good enough there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to other musical creations from the same person!  

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Tesla vs Edison

Earlier this week The Oatmeal published a very amusing and quite educational comic about Nikola Tesla (Никола Тесла) and also made quite a scathing attack on Edison. You can read the comic here. Tesla was obviously a genius and was behind a lot of the technology we use today, including the AC electricity that powers […]

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Who Should We Interview?

Over the last few months we’ve spoken to quite a few people from Ireland and overseas. We’ve spoken to people about domain names, writing, SEO, marketing, technology (in general) and a whole lot more. We’ve recorded episodes in Ireland, Africa, the US, Costa Rica and various parts of Europe. So who should we be speaking […]

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Computer Icons Are A Bit Dated

Scott Hanselman’s recent post about computer icons is getting quite a bit of attention over on Slashdot. In his post Scott goes through some of the more commonly used icons that appear in both software interfaces as well as those of many web based services – and even portable devices such as the smartphone that […]

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LeWeb Upgrades To .Co

  LeWeb, which is one of the more successful “tech” events in Europe has switched its web address from to Why? Well because according to Loïc Le Meur “it’s cool”. Here’s a video interview with Loïc Le Meur and Juan Calle (CEO of .co) talking both about the switch of web address and .co in […]

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Brush Up Your Security

IRISS have launched a campaign to raise awareness of security among young people. The message is pretty simple. Treat your password like you would your toothbrush. Choose it wisely Use it regularly  Change it often Never share it with anyone There’s also (of course) a facebook page for the campaign You may recall we spoke […]

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Googling for "askew"

Google Easter Eggs

Google may be a big company with a huge turnover and thousands of staff worldwide, but the company still has a sense of humour. From time to time they insert little “Easter eggs” into the search engine or do something quite playful. Remember the 1980’s style low resolutions graphics on Google Maps a couple of […]

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