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Safe Harbor Is Officially Dead

Data protection, privacy and retention have been hot topics for a long time, but the latest decision from the ECJ has effectively killed off “Safe Harbor” Here’s the decision (apparently a “media version” pending the release of the official one) [spiderpowa-pdf src=”https://technology.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/schrems-judgment.pdf”]schrems-judgment More over on Politico.eu UPDATE: Here’s the full decision: [spiderpowa-pdf src=”https://technology.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/283806411-CJEU-Judgment-Schrems-Case-on-Safe-Harbour.pdf”]283806411-CJEU-Judgment-Schrems-Case-on-Safe-Harbour  

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Snowden Joins Twitter – Internet Explodes!

Edward Snowden joined Twitter today Can you hear me now? — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) September 29, 2015 and was immediately granted a verified account. The guys over at Radix must be delighted, as his profile link points to a .press domain  – freedom.press And he’s already poking fun at the NSA: Meanwhile, a thousand people […]

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Fergal Crehan on “Ireland as a Digital Privacy Powerhouse” [Video]

On Friday, Twitter announced a change to their terms of service and privacy policy which puts Ireland at the centre of its international operations, citing the benefits of European data protection law as a rationale for the move. Just two days earlier, barrister Fergal Crehan spoke at the Blacknight-sponsored Digital Rights Europe Conference on the topic of Ireland as a […]

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Edward Snowden

John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden

Last night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” was longer than normal due to John Oliver doing a special segment on government surveillance. The segment included a lengthy in person interview with Edward Snowden that John Oliver recorded in Moscow. As he has done in the past, Oliver managed to put government surveillance into context in […]

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Will Snowden Be Time’s Person of the Year?

Time will announce their “person of the year” later this week Earlier today they announced the ten people who made it on to the final list: Bashar Assad, President of Syria Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder Ted Cruz, Texas Senator Miley Cyrus, Singer Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church Barack Obama, President of the United […]

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NSA Proof Font?

So if you’re worried about the NSA (and other government agencies) reading your emails, documents etc., then maybe this new font is the solution. Here’s a video explaining both how it works, what it looks like and how standard OCR technology handles it (or doesn’t ..) What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Waste […]

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Designer Strikes Back At NSA Presentation Style

While most of the media coverage and social media conversations around the NSA and Prism have focussed on the security and privacy implications, some people obviously thought that the NSA could have done a  better job of the slides. So one industrious designer went off and re-did them: Dear NSA, let me take care of […]

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US Whistleblower Speaks

Yesterday The Guardian not only revealed who was behind the PRISM leak, but also published an interview with him. The man in question is a 29 year old American, Edward Snowden. Here’s the interview: [youtube]http://youtu.be/5yB3n9fu-rM[/youtube] The Washington Post had been contacted by Snowden as well, but they didn’t want to publish as much of the […]

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