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House of Cards Season 4 - 4 March 2016

Frank Underwood Launches US Presidential Campaign

Netflix’s marketing team announced the Frank Underwood presidential campaign bid last night to coincide with the final Republican debate. https://youtu.be/Lj2XWFfgau8 The campaign video (above) includes a reference to FU2016.com, which is a rather creepy, but amusing, campaign site for Underwood. Kevin Spacey’s eyes follow you around the screen if you mouseover his image! The site […]

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Apple and President Obama Say: Use HTTPS for Everything

  Why waste time figuring out whether you should use HTTP or HTTPS? These days there’s no reason not to encrypt – better be on the safe side! New versions of Apple’s mobile and desktop OS announced this week include a new feature called App Transport Security. It’s the first step by Apple in deprecating HTTP for developers. If you’re developing […]

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Will Snowden Be Time’s Person of the Year?

Time will announce their “person of the year” later this week Earlier today they announced the ten people who made it on to the final list: Bashar Assad, President of Syria Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder Ted Cruz, Texas Senator Miley Cyrus, Singer Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church Barack Obama, President of the United […]

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Obama Breaks Records on Both Twitter and Facebook

The importance of social media and the internet in general during this year’s US Presidential elections is probably going to be talked about for months if not years. But what is really fascinating to see is that Obama’s official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter broke records by themselves. Around 4am this morning (Irish […]

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