Blacknight SME Awards: [Video]

“I love these awards – they’re fantastic” says Shawna Scott at the Blacknight SME Awards.

She has reason to be pleased, having just won the award for Best Online Retailer (Irish Market) for her business

What is her advice to online SMEs?

“Learn as much as you can; try to do as much as you can. I’m really a big fan of DIY – doing it yourself. And if there’s a skill that you’re not sure if you’re good at, do your best to look it up and learn it. And of course, enter awards like these. And sign up for Blacknight as well – they’re fantastic!”

We’ve featured Shawna previously. is Ireland’s first online sex shop specialising in bodysafe products. – like the SME Awards – is brought to you by Blacknight. Ireland’s premier provider of web hosting and domain names. We #LoveSMEs.


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