What did Ireland Watch in 2022?

Over the past couple of years the number of online streaming services has continued to grow. In the Irish market services like NetFlix and Disney+ have become the norm for many Irish households.

So what are people watching?

JustWatch has been tracking what its Irish users have been viewing over the past 12 months and it’s quite interesting. Bear in mind that the data is related to online streaming services only, but does not include the RTÉ player nor does it track services that are not available in the Irish market.

The most popular films were dominated by super heroes and of course Top Gun: Maverick also featured, even though it was only made available on streaming services in the past couple of months.

TV shows were dominated by Netflix hits and again it was a recent release that came in high up the charts – Wednesday is a definite runaway hit.

Comedy show Derry Girls which is available on both Netflix and All 4 came in 7th.

Last year’s highlights are available here.

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