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Youth Defence Site Hacked

While the abortion debate in Ireland isn’t technology related, this story is .. is the site of an organisation (Youth Defence) described as: an Irish organisation that opposes legalisation of abortion. It was founded after the 1992 X case established abortion rights in the case of the mother’s life being at risk. It shares […]

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Debian User? Check Your Repositories

If you’re a Debian user you may need to verify which repositories you’re using. Apparently one of the unofficial Debian multimedia depositories was using the domain Unfortunately the domain lapsed and is no longer pointing to valid Debian packages. Not sure if you’re using it or not? Simply run this command in a terminal: […]

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How Secure Is Your Twitter Account?

Yesterday AP’s Twitter account hack led to US stock markets losing billions of dollars before recovering. So how secure is your Twitter password? How secure are your other social media accounts? What apps have access to them? Do you know? Do you recognise all of them? And for fun you can try out this “tool” […]

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Comreg Warn Businesses About VOIP Phone Hacks

The Irish communications regulator, ComReg, has issued a warning to Irish businesses about PBX hacking. Apparently Irish businesses are being targetted by hackers who are then able to abuse business phone systems to make phone calls and run up massive bills. Comreg report that they’ve had over 16 cases reported to them in the last […]

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Anonymous Target Irish Government Sites In Possible OpIreland Sequel

Anonymous have seemingly launched an attack targetting Irish government websites including Previous Anonymous actions against Ireland took place during the controversy surrounding copyright legislation in early 2012. At the time and again now, the action was referred to as “OpIreland” They published a press release via Youtube to inform the Irish government of what […]

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Evernote Forces Password Change

Evernote appear to have been the target of an attempted hack. As a result of the issue they’ve unilaterally reset all user passwords, though apart from a post on their blog, which is currently unreachable, they don’t appear to have informed users of the change. You can reset your password via the Evernote site.  

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