Hailo, the taxi app, is pulling out of North America

Is Hailo Going To Launch A Killer Feature Soon?

If you use Hailo, Uber or any of the other companies operating in the “ride sharing” space you’ve probably fallen in love with some features, but you might also have noticed some that are missing.

A lot of my friends and colleagues use Uber and Hailo when we’re travelling. It’s simple. You fire up the app and a few minutes later there’s a car waiting to take you to your destination.

But one feature has been missing from the large ride sharing apps up until now – pre-booking. Being able to book a car in advance for that early morning ride to the airport could give you a few more valuable minutes under the covers or simply save you time waiting around.

According to a blog post on Hailo’s London site the company is currently working on this feature, though there’s no clear indication as to when it’ll be made available.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we know one thing for sure, you want to pre-book taxis, well guess what? Pre-booking is on it’s way, it’s currently in testing and we can’t wait to unleash it to you in it’s full glory… Watch this space.

If and when they do launch this feature it’ll make life a LOT easier for people. Personally I’d love to see Uber following suit, as unfortunately Hailo doesn’t operate in a lot of markets..


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