Keyboard Warriors [Podcast #16]

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Normally Conn does the write ups and puts the podcasts live, but this week I’m the one doing it, so here we go…

This week Conn and I recorded the show in the evening, since both of us have been very busy. We picked up on the conversation we had been having a couple of weeks ago and discussed the meeting I had with Minister Sherlock and #stopSOPAIreland.

We called this week’s show “keyboard warriors”, which is a reference to comments about the Stop SOPA Ireland campaign made in the Dail. Conn and I went on to discuss copyright in Ireland and how IRMA and other organisations view themselves.

Blacknight is giving away an Xbox 360, so we talk a little about that, but spend quite a bit more time talking about Bert the new Blacknight mascot.

Tech IPOs are always fascinating to watch, so we talked briefly about the Facebook IPO and how that might change the company and Mark Zuckerberg. (I say “sell”, but Conn doesn’t agree)

Talking about technology and the internet we had to chat a bit about Google’s new privacy policy and how they’re making it easier for people to move between services. Conn loves the new coherence, while we both remember how much Google dominates online. Want to get laid with Google? Damien blogged about that nearly 6 years ago!

Next week the social media conference is on so while neither of us will be at it, we still gave them a shout out!

Other stuff mentioned during the show:

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