Minister for the Internet [Podcast #32]

Michele Neylon

Michele Neylon (Photo credit: blacknight)

Michele’s in Arizona, at a meeting of domain registrars, discussing policy, including the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.  It’s always a struggle to podcast over hotel WiFi but this time we decided it was hopeless. I kept the Skype connection on the studio end, and used Skype-Out to phone Michele’s hotel room.

We recorded yesterday on World IPv6 Launch Day. Michele notes that no Irish ISP has yet implemented IPv6 and, what’s more, no government website supports it.  There’s a clear case for leadership on technology and policy in Ireland, a case he argued in a piece for last week’s Sunday Business Post.  In spite of the importance of the internet industry, Ireland is being marked absent at international meetings where internet policy is decided.  Meanwhile President Obama has issued an executive order directing US Federal Agencies to provide APIs, and putting the war into malware.

ICANN have finally closed the application window for new gTLDs – and will reveal the candidates next week.  Meanwhile it’s reported that one company has applied for 307 new gTLDs!  Google have relaunched Places as Google+ Local.  And how about the camera that let’s you focus after you’ve taken the picture!

Facebook are exploring the idea of special parentally-supervised accounts for the under-13s.  Meanwhile teacher-pupil virtual ‘friendships’ have been banned by a new code of conduct for Irish teachers.  (Bonus, via Mark CahillWhy Teachers Need Social Media Training, Not Just Rules)

Technology.ie is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Blacknight have just announced a partnership with .CO – the cool new domain extension.

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