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.CLOUD Top Level Domain Launches Pioneer Programme [Audio]

Francesco Cetraro is our guest on today’s podcast. He’s Head of Registry Operations for the new .CLOUD Top Level Domain. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 15:50; 9MB; MP3. ‘Cloud’ is a buzz-word of our time – and with good reason. The Network is the Computer has long been […]

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Oklahoma Land Rush 1889 (public domain)

Dot-Irish Land Rush Begins

The launch of the new .IRISH top-level domain enters its Land Rush phase today. If you’ve got an idea which needs that special .IRISH domain name, now’s your chance to get it before someone else does. Landrush is open now to register domain names for €99.95. The price goes down to €34.95 when General Availability launches on June […]

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Kevin Kopas, Radix Registry

Podcast: Kevin Kopas of Radix Registry on Marketing New gTLDs [Audio]

The arrival of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)is transforming the domains industry, and helping to build a new online world. But with 1200 new domain registries launching over a couple of years, how do you convince users to choose yours? As the choice explodes, how do you go about marketing your gTLD, and how will it all shake out in […]

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Domainers bid on Premium New TLD Domains in Las Vegas (© Copyright <a title="View profile" href="http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/8800" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL dct:creator">Roger Cornfoot</a> <a title="View profile" href="http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/8800" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL dct:creator">Roger Cornfoot</a>  and  
		licensed for reuse under this <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/" class="nowrap">Creative Commons Licence</a>

Las Vegas Domain Auctions and Ennis Mart [Audio]

Today’s podcast was recorded in the office of CEO Michele Neylon at Blacknight HQ. He’s just returned from two weeks in Las Vegas where he attended CES, followed by Namescon. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 23:31; 13MB; MP3. CES was simply huge, says Michele. One thing that caught […]

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Generating Positive Friction: A Podcast with Jothan Frakes of Namescon [Audio]

Jothan Frakes joins Blacknight’s Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin on today’s podcast to talk about NamesCon, the domain names conference in Las Vegas from January 11 to 14. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 36:39; 22MB; MP3. A veteran of the domains industry, Jothan is co-organiser of Namescon, now in […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Basque Domain .eus

Are Domain Names the new Flags and Emblems?

There’s been some interesting talk lately about national and cultural domain extensions. Scotland may have rejected independence in yesterday’s referendum, but for those who’d rather not use a .UK domain name, .SCOT opens for general availability on Tuesday next. For the Welsh there’s .CYMRU and .WALES, .GAL (Galicia) will have general availability in November, and .CAT is already well […]

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Interview with Ray King of .INK and .WIKI [Audio]

New generic Top Level Domains are now available in Ireland, and .INK and .WIKI are among the first being offered by Blacknight. Both TLDs are owned by Top Level Design LLC based in Portland, Oregon, and their CEO Ray King joins Conn and Michele on today’s 4th of July Podcast (31:13; 18MB; MP3). Ray’s company applied for 10 new […]

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ICANN 50 Breaks Network Records

ICANN 50 is underway in London, and as we’ve reported, it’s the biggest ever. Latest reports are that 2803 people have checked in out of 3787 registered for the event, exceeding the previous registration record of 3141 set in Beijing. By definition, you can’t get a more online group of people  than ICANN. That’s reflected in […]

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A dotHIV Domain Name is the Digital Red Ribbon

“The combined power of the world’s internet users is enough to beat HIV” That’s the claim of dotHIV, the charity running the first Top Level Domain to serve a social cause. Yesterday we published a 15 minute audio interview with Carolin Silbernagl who is coordinating the project, but if you want the quick version, try […]

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