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Vienna has the first city TLD: .WIEN

Kevin Murphy at Domain Incite reports that the first city TLD went live on DNS on Friday.  .WIEN is the domain name for the city of the same name – known in English as Vienna. Registration for .wien will be open to those who “can demonstrate that they have an economic, cultural, historical, social or any […]

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Seo Chugainn na Fearainn Bharrleibhéil Nua!

[Editor’s note: Starting today, in addition to our usual service, technology.ie will include regular content in the Irish language.  Technology supports choice and opportunity, and while the English language dominates worldwide, almost half of all web content is in a language other than English. It’s not a zero-sum game, and technologists understand better than anyone […]

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Four New Generic Top Level Domains Go Live

It’s been years in the making, but today the companies behind 4 new generic Top Level Domains are celebrating their launch.  ICANN has announced that the following four gTLDs are cleared to proceed to DNS delegation: 游戏(xn--unup4y) – Chinese for “game(s)” сайт (xn--80aswg) – Cyrillic for “site” онлайн (xn--80asehdb) – Cyrillic for “online” شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd) […]

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ICANN Is Officially 15 Years Old Today

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is officially 15 years old today. Dr Steve Crocker, chairman of ICANN’s board, reflects on the organisation’s history in a couple of videos they’ve published today. Worth taking a couple of minutes to watch: and  

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Country Codes And SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts explains the thinking behind how Google decides if a country code can be used globally or whether it’s only going to be targetted to a specific country. The basic thinking is that if the country code is in active use in the region then you won’t be able to target it to […]

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Podcast with Ken Hansen of .NYC

Ken Hansen of Neustar and .NYC joins Michele and Conn for this week’s podcast.  With over 20 years of Internet and telecom, sales, marketing and business development experience, Ken led the business development efforts that resulted in Neustar’s entry into the registry business, the award of dot-biz by ICANN and the Department of Commerce selection of Neustar […]

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Kevin Murphy

Podcast: Kevin Murphy of Domain Incite

This week we’ve got an interview with Kevin Murphy, editor of DomainIncite. Kevin has been writing about the domain name industry for several years and has been covering the newTLDs and ICANN on his site. Kevin and Michele discuss the domain industry, ICANN, DNSSEC, and the prospect of new top level domains coming on stream […]

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XXX Rated Porn Search Engine To Launch This Week

Remember .xxx domains that launched a few months back? Well the guys behind the .xxx domain registry are launching a new search engine specifically for “developed” .xxx websites. The new search engine is using a pretty obvious and easy to remember name – search.xxx While the new search engine is unlikely to be a “Google […]

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Antony Van Couvering

More Than Generic [Podcast #34]

On the eve of ICANN 44 in Prague, Michele and Conn are joined by Antony Van Couvering, whose company Top Level Domain Holdings have applied for a total of 92 new generic TLDs, some on their own behalf and some for clients. Antony points out that it’s going to be an interesting meeting in Prague.  There’s […]

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A Great Big Hulking Lump of Metal [Podcast #33]

As ICANN announce “The Big Reveal“, the list of 1930 new generic Top Level Domains which have been applied for by prospective registries, Kelly Hardy joins Michele and Conn to discuss the news, puzzle over “Digital Archery”, and speculate on the prospect of new territory in the world of internet names. The other big news […]

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