Pleading the Fifth [Podcast #70]

iphone5sBrought to you by Blacknight, it’s the Technology.ie podcast, episode 70 for September 18 2013, with Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin.

So, there’s a new iPhone – two in fact!  But while US law says you have a right to withhold potentially self-incriminating information – such as a password – the same does not apply to biometric data, i.e. your fingerprint.  When it comes to powers of search there’s an important distinction between something you know and something you have.

Meanwhile iOS 7 is available today.

Iran unblocks Twitter and Facebook, then says: Oops – sorry – blocked again!

Google Analytics drops support for IE8.

Twitter IPOs while Dell goes private, and Google celebrates 10 years in Ireland.  Klout is developing its business model.

12 of the 50 richest made their money in tech.  Deezer coming to smart TVs.  WorldIrish merges with IrishCentral.

RTE Player launches on Android.  Pinterest drives ecommerce,

Startup Express is a cool idea and a great website!

Stripe comes to Ireland.

Grand Theft Auto 5.

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