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Rosetta arrives at the comet

ESA Celebrates First Anniversary of Rosetta’s Awakening; More to Come in 2015

[youtube]http://youtu.be/UqcDtRmJbKY[/youtube]   At 10am GMT on the 20 January 2014, an ‘alarm clock’ went off on board a tiny spaceship, more than 800 million kilometres from Earth. The European Space Agency’s craft Rosetta began restarting its systems after a 31-month ‘deep-space hibernation’, which had brought it out past the orbit of Jupiter and into pole position for its rendezvous […]

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Rosetta Scientist to give Astronomy Ireland New Year Lecture Tonight

The gripping story of the Rosetta mission’s rendezvous with and landing on Comet 67P was one of the big science stories of 2014. Now as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, Astronomy Ireland is marking the new year with a lecture by one of the scientists working on data from Rosetta, to be held in Trinity College Dublin tonight. Dr Pedro […]

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Philae landing craft on its way to the comet. Photgraphed by Rosetta mothership

Philae Robot Lands on Comet, Bounces Twice before Settling

The Philae landing craft successfully landed on Comet 67P yesterday as part of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission. Scientists at Mission Control in Darmstadt, Germany celebrated as they received the signal from Rosetta confirming the landing. At a press briefing later, the news was confirmed, although it was also revealed that the harpoon mechanism designed […]

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