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The Ballad of Lidl and Aldi [Video]

… I’d go out to Lidl or Aldi for a pound of sausages, and I’d come home with a pound of sausages, and a cordless drill, and a wetsuit, and an inflatable dinghy, and a portable generator … – Mickey MacConnell What I like about Aldi and Lidl is the lack of choice. There’s usually only one brand of everything, […]

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The Biggest Irish Brands on Facebook

Here’s a fascinating way to lose a morning, and if your business is digital marketing it could be time well spent.  Social Bakers track brands across different markets on Facebook and generate a range of monthly reports which give a real insight into how brands and their social media marketing efforts are received in different […]

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Irish Horse Meat Memes

Horse meat or, more specifically, horse DNA, made its way into some meat products being sold in Irish supermarkets. You can read about the story over on The Guardian (we’re avoiding Irish newspapers at the moment!) So of course the Irish internet community had to find the funny side. Here are a couple of the […]

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