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Twitter Face Palm Moments

Big brands use Twitter and other social media outlets to engage and promote their products and services. While some might do a better job than others some of the bigger brands have had “face palm” moments over the last year or so. Some very big brands have had major issues on Twitter and this graphic […]

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Domino's Pizza logo

Dominos Get Clever With Audio

Dominos pizzas in the Netherlands have come up with an interesting way to help their delivery bike riders keep safe and also promote their brand. [youtube]http://youtu.be/n17B_uFF4cA[/youtube] The word “lekker” means “tasty” or “nice” Related articles Domino’s Solution for Soundless Electric Scooters Is Rather Brilliant [VIDEO](mashable.com) Domino’s Pizza Safe Sound, A Human-Made Engine Noise Installed on […]

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