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Behind the Scenes With Intel’s Drones

Intel was scheduled to provide a spectacular drone display as part of the opening ceremony at this year’s winter Olympics. Unfortunately the drone part of the ceremony was cancelled. However that doesn’t mean that we can’t all enjoy the performance, as the company had shot video of their behind the scenes work on the performance […]

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Dublin Airport Launches No Drone Zone Safety Campaign

Dublin Airport has launched a safety campaign focussing on drones. Airports are “no fly” areas for drones, though some people seem to either be unaware of this or choose to ignore it. To protect the airfield, signage has been mounted on the airport’s perimeter fence indicating that Dublin Airport is a “No Drone Zone” and […]

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Irish Drone Regulations Explained [Video]

New regulations for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles came into effect in Ireland on 21 December last. In this video, Oisín and Gearóid from iFly Technology summarise the regulations and their impact for users of drones and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems). Irish Drone & RPAS Regulation February 2016 from iFly Technology on Vimeo. HT: Paul Kelly.

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Drone Possibilities are Endless – Joseph Dalby of Flightpath [Video]

Joseph Dalby of Flightpath Consultants spoke at the Digital Rights Europe Conference in Dublin earlier this year. They offer advice and expertise about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as drones, with extensive legal expertise and intrinsic knowledge of the unmanned systems industry. The range of opportunities provided by this emerging technology is highly diverse, as he explains in […]

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The Hexacopters – Live in Concert [Video]

An Orchestra of Flying Robots plays 2001 a Space Odyssey, Carol of the Bells and the Star Spangled Banner, complete with a cymbal-crashing climax! [youtube]http://youtu.be/Qlqe1DXnJKQ[/youtube]   The drone orchestra was programmed by KMel Robotics to showcase their technology. They’re in time; they’re in tune – but have they got soul? Uh – no. Related articles ‘Why I’m […]

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Datacentre Pr0n [Podcast #63]

Brought to you by Blacknight it’s the technology.ie podcast episode 63 for May 30 2013 with Michele Neylon and Conn O Muineachain Michele’s back from the Shift Conference in Split, Croatia, where he gave a talk on domains. Daft Punk break records on Spotify.  Rijksmuseum shares high resolution images of its catalogue.  Yahoo buys Tumblr and gives […]

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