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Texas Teen Arrested for Making a Clock says He’ll Transfer to “Any Other School”

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old who built a digital clock to impress his teacher and got arrested because police and school authorities thought it was a hoax bomb, has revealed that he is still suspended by the school. Neither has he received an apology from the school but it doesn’t matter, he told a press conference, because he is […]

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Obama Backs Net Neutrality

President Obama has come out with a clear message in favour of “Net Neutrality”. In a video published earlier today Obama uses similar language to other supporters of Net Neutrality and states unequivocally that he’ll be getting the FCC to assist him by making it illegal for any company to prioritise traffic or access to […]

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Obama Breaks Records on Both Twitter and Facebook

The importance of social media and the internet in general during this year’s US Presidential elections is probably going to be talked about for months if not years. But what is really fascinating to see is that Obama’s official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter broke records by themselves. Around 4am this morning (Irish […]

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