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Ireland is the Startup Star of Europe

Why can’t Ireland be more like Silicon Valley, is something we often hear.  Well it turns out we’re the closest thing in Europe when it comes to VC investment, according to research published by the Wall Street Journal, which reveals that “high entrepreneurial activity” is most evident in the northwest of the continent, with Ireland […]

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A Chat with Patrick from Notion Capital [Video]

Here’s another video from Startup Express.  Patrick Norris is originally from Dublin, but is based in London where he works for Notion Capital, “an entrepreneur-backed venture capital firm focused on Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service“.  I spoke to him shortly before boarding the train to Web Summit. Loading the player … Related articles Trustev Closes $3 […]

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IIA Post Budget Briefing Summary

The IIA (Irish Internet Association) held their First post budget briefing yesterday, to bring together the Tech Industry with the aim of picking apart the impact of the 2013 budget and assess winners or losers. No surprise, the budget was difficult as warned. The glimmer of hope comes in the form of the Job strategy for 2013 but we […]

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