The Google Stone [Podcast #31]

GoogleOur guest this week is Gavin Hanley, an advertising strategist with Google in Ireland.  Michele has loads of questions for him about Google Adwords, questions which, he points out, he regularly hears from his customers.  Gavin shares his insights into how advertisers can get the best out of Google ads.

Michele is worried about some of the changes being proposed to ICANN’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement.  Under these proposals registrars might be obliged to conduct onerous data collection to confirm the identities of customers who register domains.  Michele fears this could amount to treating customers as criminals.
Homeless and geeky?  Don’t worry – just make yourself at home in the offices of a suitable large company.  People will just think you’re super dedicated to your very cool project!
The browser battle for mobile devices is heating up, just as Yahoo stakes its claim with the new Axis browser.  Over at CNET, Molly Wood points out that Mobile is becoming the key battleground and that this is an issue of concern for Facebook in particular.  Fine, but is making their own phone really the answer?  Also, it’s rumoured that Facebook is in talks to buy is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Get on board with their free 30-day trial of GoMobi mobile website builder.  They’ve also got a special offer on .be domains.  Find out more on the award winning Blacknight blog!

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