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Web Summit Expands To US With Collision Conf

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The team behind Web Summit is expanding into the US.

While details on the new conference “Collision Conf” are scant, we do know that Paddy Cosgrave and his team are organising a fairly ambitious conference in the US later this year.

They’ve chosen Las Vegas to be the venue, which makes a lot of sense – there’s ample conference venues spread across the city, it’s easy to get to and hotels are plentiful. According to the city of Las Vegas themselves, holding a conference there helps increase participation.

So what do we know for now?

What? A major tech industry conference

Where? Las Vegas

When? May 2014. Exact dates have not been finalised yet, but it’s probably mid-May. They should be confirming dates in the next few days.

Who will be speaking? Based on Paddy Cosgrave & Co’s past events if they say there’ll be 500 tech leaders then they’ll deliver .. they might even over-deliver (if that’s a word)

In the meantime you can signup via the site or follow them on Twitter.

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