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Alas, Poor Jaiku! [Podcast #59]

Google GraveyardJust back from meetings in Brussels and London, Michele joins Conn for a podcast.  They check out the Irish language version of EURid’s site and look ahead to ICANN 46, next week in Beijing.

Michele explains the Cyberbunker attack on Spamhaus: who are they, and what’s behind it.  And are some people guilty of exaggerating its effects?  Here’s a video with some insight into the technical aspects of the attack.

Yahoo announces 200 jobs in Dublin, and Marissa Mayer tweets in Irish! 🙂

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser.

Galway company OnePageCRM announce €575K investment to create 12 jobs!

Veronica Mars Movie raises 2 million in 10 hours to turn an old TV series into a movie.  Slate sets up a Google Graveyard.

Epic fails in corporate tweeting.

Why everyone should register a domain name.  What is a “like” worth?

Comreg warn about VOIP hacking.  IEDR Optimise fund.  Google gets ‘ungoogleable’ removed from Swedish language. is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Check out the Blacknight Blog for the latest offers!

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