Jules Coleman, Hassle.com

Hassle.com now Matching Cleaners & Clients in Ireland [Audio]

Jules Coleman, Hassle.comToday’s podcast (18:32; 11MB; MP3) features Jules Coleman, co-founder of Hassle.com, which launched in Dublin yesterday.

Hassle.com is an online marketplace that allows busy people to book and pay for someone to come and clean their house. Traditionally, this has been a difficult task, heavily dependent on word-of-mouth recommendations and trust, both on the part of the client and the service provider. Hassle.com is designed to simplify that task, meeting and interviewing the cleaners face-to-face and matching them to jobs which suit their location, and the hours they want to work.

A native of Leixlip, Jules went to London with Accenture and worked with a number of companies before starting Hassle.com with her two co-founders. Initially inspired by her desire to employ a piano teacher, she realised that service providers and clients need a matchmaking service. Her father’s experience as a driving instructor bore this out.

Hassle.com wouldn’t have worked five years ago, says Jules: it’s the smartphones in our pockets that make it possible. She doesn’t mind when I suggest it’s like Hailo for cleaners. In fact, Hailo’s founder and hairman Ron Zeghibe is also chairman of Hassle.com.

Hassle.com took part in Techstars London and after a successful 18 months in business there, they have now launched in Dublin. Currently available for city postcodes, they plan to expand to County Dublin and further afield on a phased basis.

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