Innovative Irish Keyboard Design Shown at CES


Over the years we’ve seen many attempts to improve on the ergonomics of the traditional computer keyboard, which in turn owes its layout to a design intended to slow down the rate of manual typewriters which tended to foul up if one hammer had not got out of the way before the next one struck. Surely, goes the reasoning, this is a legacy we should abandon.

Now an Irish company has come up with one of the most radical designs ever seen: the BeeRaider. Based on on a radial approach to laying out the keys, the design evolved into a circle with ‘wings’, designed to get the most out of your typing.

Initially available as an Android app, the company is now planning a production run of hardware keyboards, and they have been demonstrating prototypes at CES in Las Vegas this week. There are two varieties: an optimised layout, and a layout based on QWERTY.



Word of the BeeRaider comes to us from our own Michele Neylon who’s been in Las Vegas attending CES this week, in advance of Namescon next week. (Check out our podcast with Namescon founder Jothan Frakes here). is powered by Blacknight.

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