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“Little Bits of Automated Magic” – Podcast with Connor Keppel of Phorest [Audio]

Connor Keppel, PhorestConnor Keppel is head of marketing at Phorest, and our guest on today’s podcast.

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Phorest makes CRM software for hair salons, scheduling appointments and providing “little bits of automated magic”, like mailing customers afterwards inviting them to rate the experience. It’s the market leader here in Ireland and is growing rapidly abroad, in the UK, US and other markets. Last week they launched, #AskPhorest, a series of videos on Facebook designed to answer some of the more common questions they get from users of their service.

We’ve spoken to Connor before, and when I saw the Facebook video I decided it was time to call him and catch up!

Facebook is at the core of Phorest’s digital marketing, Connor explains, though they do keep an eye on other social media channels as well. But Hair & Beauty is traditionally a face-to-face industry, he says, and they often find that the direct approach, snail-mail, trade shows, can be very effective in winning new business.

“The digital stuff is what gets me excited, but I cannot lose sight of the fact that this is a face-to-face industry”

As Phorest expands into the US in the months ahead, he says that they will begin to focus their content on that market. is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s leader in domains and hosting.

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